About Us

Affiliated Resources, Inc. is a manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution company specializing in the design, production, and sales of wood, steel, and plastic products to original equipment manufacturers, agriculture, and industrial end-users. We are committed to new product innovation and continual end-use application improvements. We have an excellent reputation for prompt and courteous customer service.

Our company headquarters are located in Portland, OR. We have a group of professional sales representatives that oversee 22 different processing plants and distribution warehouses throughout North America. Our sales department is fully supported by a highly efficient and professional administrative staff.

  • Andrew Knight - Blue Ribbon National Sales Executive


    (503) 943-2908

    Andrew is a National Sales Executive in the Affiliated Resources, Inc. Agriculture Products Division and manages the Blue Ribbon Trellis program. He oversees seven different Blue Ribbon processing locations and routinely monitors all phases of production. He is a stickler for perfection, making sure that every Blue Ribbon product is consistent in quality and 100% usable. Andrew’s understanding of seasonal forecasting and production lead-times is critical to the success of the Blue Ribbon program.

  • Geoff Rice - Blue Ribbon National Sales Executive


    (503) 943-2944

    Geoff is a National Sales Executive in the Affiliated Resources, Inc. Agriculture Products Division and manages the Blue Ribbon Landscaping program. He is an expert in pressure-treating preservatives, processes, and their proper end-use applications. His knowledge has been critical in developing the use of our Aqua Seal® preservatives for various end-uses. Geoff understands the North American market and each region’s unique product and preservative requirements.

  • Debbie Dietz - VP Finance/Administration


    (503) 943-2922

    Debbie is the VP Finance/Administration for Affiliated Resources, Inc. Debbie has an extensive background in corporate finance, inventory control, and office management. She directs the company’s finances and manages the relationships with our bankers, auditors, and administrators. Debbie is in charge of our multiple company locations and supervises our corporate office support staff.

  • Kelly Rykken - Corporate Director of Accounting


    (503) 943-2935

    Kelly is the Corporate Director of Accounting for Affiliated Resources, Inc. Kelly has a broad understanding of financial statements and credit reports. She is responsible for accurately analyzing and determining the credit worthiness of our widespread customer base. Kelly has an extensive background in accounting, multi-state sales tax, and payroll systems.

  • Mike Wilkins - President/CEO


    (503) 943-2929

    Mike is the President and CEO of Affiliated Resources, Inc. Mike has a strong background in the production, sales, and distribution of wood, steel, and plastic products to OEM customers and industrial end-users. He has technical knowledge of many raw materials and how they can be applied in industrial OEM markets. Mike fully understands the intricacies of creating company produced and branded products for our diverse customer base.