Our Difference

Blue Ribbon Products are green...and so much more.

Blue Ribbon Products are made using renewable resources, harvested from sustainable managed western forests.


  • Blue Ribbon Products are consistently manufactured with well-maintained equipment. 
  • Blue Ribbon Products have strict tolerances that are routinely monitored and audited. 
  • Blue Ribbon Products are regularly inspected for strength, straightness, and grade.


  • Blue Ribbon Products are pressure-treated with AQUA SEALĀ® preservatives.
  • AQUA SEAL preservative-treated products are clean, odorless, non-staining, and safe to handle.


  • We routinely monitor all phases of production through independent reviews with in-plant personnel.
  • We stand behind the performance of our Blue Ribbon Products through continual evaluation and testing that measures their performance in the field.

Think beyond greenĀ® - Specify Blue Ribbon Agriculture Products.