Locking Log Rail

Blue Ribbon Locking Log Rail Fencing is the perfect combination of rustic good looks and durability for ranches, farms, and rambling country estates.  The posts and rails are treated with AQUA SEALĀ® water-borne preservatives, which are suitable for residential applications, and ensure a long service life. It is available in 2-Rail, 3-Rail and 4-Rail styles.  

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Post and Rail OptionsDiameterLengthUnit Size
Standard Rails3-4"8'/10'150
Jumbo Rails4-5"8'/10'75
2-Hole Lines5-6"5'50
2-Hole Ends/Corners6-7"5'35
3-Hole Lines5-6"7'50
3-Hole Ends/Corners6-7"7'35
4-Hole Lines6-7"8'50
4-Hole Ends/Corners6-7"8'35


  • Rustic and decorative appearance
  • Long lasting durability 
  • Great combination of appearance and utility
  • Pre-drilled posts and rails with tenons ready for installation